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A Black woman from Tennessee is calling out her doctor after he allegedly called her a racial slur during her appointment, the New York Daily News reports.

Lexi Carter visited her doctor James Turner, who is White, for a July 11 appointment. When he came into the examination room he called her “Aunt Jemima,” the outlet reported.

“He had a young girl, physician’s assistant trainee, a student with him and he looked at me and he goes ‘Hi Aunt Jemima,’” said Carter, according to the source.

Carter added that Turner unapologetically used the term to address her multiple times.

Aunt Jemima, a brand owned by Quaker Oats Company, was originally depicted as a servant and closely resembled images of mammies—a derogatory term used to describe a Black nursemaid.

Although the company decided to change Aunt Jemima’s image nearly three decades ago, its link to racist imagery still lingered, The Daily News noted.

Dr. Turner issued an apology: “Anything I said that tarnishes that image and my respect for her was a misspoken blunder on my part and was not intended to show disrespect for Ms. Carter,” he stated, according to the outlet.

An apology did not suffice for Carter who plans to file a complaint with Tennessee’s medical board.

SOURCE: New York Daily News


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