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Radio host Nessa Diab, the girlfriend of free-agent NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick, is clear: Don’t ever come for my man.

On Wednesday she posted a message on Twitter directed to former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis that made reference to the 2012 movie Django Unchained. Remember Lewis recently said that the Black quarterback needs to be quiet about his social justice activism if he wants to get hired this season.

The football field is our sanctuary,” Lewis said.

If you do nothing else, young man, get back on the football field and let your play speak for itself. And what you do off the field, don’t let too many people know, because they gonna judge you anyway, no matter what you do, no matter if it’s good or bad.”

Clearly Nessa wasn’t here for any of that noise and posted this pic comparing Lewis and Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti to characters played by Samuel L. Jackson and Leonardo DiCaprio:


Lewis isn’t the only Black athlete to make questionable comments about why Kaepernick has yet to be picked up by any NFL team. A few weeks ago, Michael Vick stunned folks when he told Fox Sports’ Speak For Yourself hosts that the reason why the former 49ers quarterback has been blackballed from the NFL is because his hair isn’t “clean cut” enough.

“First thing we’ve got to get Colin to do is cut his hair,” said Vick. “Listen, I’m not up here to try to be politically correct. Even if he puts cornrows in there. I don’t think he should represent himself in that way in terms of just the hairstyle. Just go clean-cut. You know, why not? You’re already dealing with a lot of controversy surrounding this issue. The most important thing that he needs to do is just try to be presentable.”

And like Nessa, Colin had the perfect clapback:



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