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It’s all in your head: Trayvon Martin, Eric Garner, and Philando Castile are still alive.

It’s all in your head: There is no school-to-prison pipeline and Black men don’t drastically over index in the U.S. prison population for conviction and sentencing.

It’s all in you head: President Barack Obama was treated fairly and never got a raw deal or inexplicable obstruction from Congress like President Donald Trump.

It’s all in your head: Fifty-three percent of White women didn’t vote for Trump and then turned around and held a Women’s March against his election.

It’s all in your head: White men with criminal records are more likely to get hired than, say, a Black man without a criminal record and a college degree.

It’s all in your head: Muhammad Ali was scorned for opposing the Vietnam war and throwing his gold medal in the river in 1960, but praised and heralded as an American hero in his later years.

Moreover and finally, ladies and gentlemen, it’s all in your head: Colin Kaepernick is not being blackballed by the NFL for kneeling for Black civil rights.

To be sure, Kaepernick, a member of the historically Black fraternity, Kappa Alpha Psi, is not employed because he dared to hold a mirror to American racism on the television’s most visible stage and state boldly: “I, too, sing America.”

So let’s get out of the echo chamber of fake news, and start to agree on some unique American truths, the truths that got Kaepernick thrust onto the unemployment line, despite leading the San Francisco 49ers to the Super Bowl.

The NFL makes room for domestic abuse, hard drug users, multiple DUIs, weapons violations and the like, but can’t find room for a decorated player who simply asked, can a brother and his people get some justice?

I admit that Kaepernick isn’t the vaunted Tom Brady in terms of on-field productivity, but who is? To make the argument that his statistical production does not, at a bare minimum, qualify him for a backup quarterback position is mere lunacy and egregious sports malpractice.

He is being punished for running away from the plantation and then having the audacity to try to come back and pull a Harriet Tubman to free others. He is being punished for, not only staying woke, but trying to awaken others. Kaepernick’s activism comes at a time when fans have yearned for high-powered athletes to speak up in the name of justice.

So I don’t want to argue anymore about why Kaepernick is jobless or if he should cut his afro, as suggested by the shape-up or ship-out spokesman quarterback Michael Vick. I don’t have time to engage in “coontastic” banter and silly fallacies as if Kaepernick were applying for a job as a bank branch manager in Utah.

Instead, we know the why, which is as clear as the American history that is written in the red blood of the Black war heroes like Massachusetts 54th regiment — that is, for those who choose to accept facts, know our history, and can begin to do the critical and empathetic thinking required for this matter.

And finally, what are revenue-generating football fans going to do to voice economic disapproval about the injustice? Are we going to vote with our dollars like our noble foremothers and forefathers who walked off the bus in protest? Or are we going to simply continue to tune in, buy jerseys and tickets, and play fantasy football, because, well, the game is all in our heads?

Kwame Jackson is an entrepreneur, media personality, professional speaker, and a former contestant on NBC’s hit show “The Apprentice.” You can follow him on Twitter @kwameinc


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