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Approval ratings for President Trump are at their lowest point in his 200-day term. Seventy-five percent of Americans don’t trust Trump or the information coming out of White House. Only 38 percent approve of decisions made during his presidency , and 56 percent disapprove. Trump’s approval rate is far lower than Obama‘s was at this point in his presidency, according to the latest CNN poll.

Rates of approval have especially declined among (former) Trump supporters. In February, 73 percent of Trump’s core supporters reported strong approval. That number has dropped to 59 percent. White supporters without college degrees have also showed a steep decline in their approval ratings of the President: 35 percent strongly approve of his decisions now, while 47 percent of these voters approved in April.

While White supporters without college degrees clung to Trump’s reputation as a good businessman during the election and early days of his presidency, only 50 percent see him as an effective manager now. This is a 10 percent decline from April’s poll. This group of supporters also now believe that Trump is less than the change agent he purported to be.

Trump’s ratings are also low in national security, health care, foreign affairs, and taxes. Trump is also the first President since  modern polling to have such a low approval rate. CNN points to high turnover of essential staff members as one cause of the declining approval rates. Sixty-two percent of the public don’t believe that he’s done a good job selecting White House advisors.Finally, while those who follow Trump on social media can anticipate his tweets about the pole and alternative facts, over 71 percent of poll responders believe that Twitter is a “risky” way to communicate.