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President Trump repeated his tiresome pattern Tuesday night in Phoenix, Arizona. It’s no surprise that after reading a thoughtful speech about racial unity on Monday, the president went on a rampage the next day—firing shots at left-wing demonstrators, the news media and Republicans he blames for hampering his agenda.

While demonstrators protested outside, the increasingly isolated president was in his elements, speaking to an audience of diehard supporters who are staying with him through all his madness.

Trump portrayed himself as the victim in the aftermath of Charlottesville, as Vanity Fair noted. The president blamed the media for misquotes that portrayed him as a racist for supporting neo-Nazi and other White supremacists. While reading from a printed copy of his remarks after the violence–intended to point out media lies–Trump “conveniently” failed to mention that he initially blamed both sides.

Members of his own party were prime targets on Trump’s hit list. He threatened to shut down the government if Republican lawmakers fail to fund his border wall.

SOURCE:  Vanity Fair


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