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There are few people that we hate to follow as much as we do our current president. But one woman is trying to fix it so that we won’t have to.

Valerie Plame Wilson, a former CIA Operative under former President George W. Bush, wants to purchase enough shares in Twitter to ban President Donald Trump from ever using the platform again. Wilson has set up a Go Fund Me page in order to speed along the process.

Donald Trump has done a lot of horrible things on Twitter,” she writes on the page. “From emboldening white supremacists to promoting violence against journalists, his tweets damage the country and put people in harm’s way …tweets like this are heard around the world. As he uses his biggest platform to escalate the crisis, this could all-too easily spark a military confrontation that goes nuclear.”

Wilson is currently hoping to raise $1 billion in controlling shares of the company, which  is currently worth $12 billion. Thus far, she has raised a little over $10K. She also writes that if for some reason it’s impossible to buy a share in Twitter or there’s a surplus in this campaign, 100% of the balance of proceeds will be donated to Global Zero, a nonprofit organization leading the resistance to nuclear war.

While the general idea of the campaign is kind of hilarious, we can’t help but wonder — is there a better use for one billion dollars? That money could go to helping Flint, Mich. get access to clean water. It could be used to provide resources to protect trans women. It could be sent to countries like Sierra Leone, currently suffering from lethal natural disasters.

Someone needs to tell Wilson that while the sentiment of this Go Fund Me is understood, we have bigger problems in the world than 45 going off at the mouth about his bulls**t, empty statements in 140 characters. Put that money towards somewhere we’ll see tangible change.

SOURCE: Go Fund Me


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