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The story of Bronx teen Pedro Hernandez demonstrated how the tenacity of a community can truly make a difference in a young person’s life. After being locked up at Rikers Island for over a year for a crime he refused to plead guilty to, prosecutors dismissed the charges against him, the New York Daily News reports. The decision was announced as the trial was set to begin after his case had garnered national attention, even being compared to that of the late Kalief Browder. “I wasn’t surprised … I knew it was coming all along,” Hernandez said with a smile outside the courthouse. “It was just a matter of time.”


President Trump has decided to do what he does with every one of the problems he faces— talk about how “hugely” he’ll fix it by throwing out money. The White House laid out 45’s plan to make a personal donation of $1 million to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The sum will be divided among 12 groups including the Red Cross, Salvation Army, ASPCA and Habitat for Humanity. However as Aaron Rupar points out on Twitter, Trump is proposing a $2.6 billion cut to EPA and $876 million cut to FEMA, so it’s not exactly like he’s lacking on the cash.


We know you’re just as excited for NBA 2K18 release as us, but now there’s more to look forward to. Players will be able to  text with LaVar Ball in the new game when it drops on September 19. That’s right— you’ll be able to text with Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball’s outrageously outspoken father in the MyCareer section of the game. The previews feature LaVar sending wild messages like,  “THIS WISDOM COMES FROM THE LIPS OF ZEUS TO MORTAL EARS” and “A ROOKIE IN NAME ONLY. HE’S BEEN BALLING AT ALL-NBA LEVEL SINCE HE WAS A SINGLE STRAND OF DNA.”

It’s the big baller way and it sounds spot on to us.

SOURCE: New York Daily News, USA Today


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