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Tomi Lahren, a newly minted member of the Fox News family, is among the fiercest anti-immigrant media voices. She shot off this tweet on Wednesday, as President Donald Trump announced plans to end Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, the Obama-era program that shields young undocumented immigrants from deportation.

According to genealogical research by Jennifer Mendelsohn of Wonkette, there’s a lot of irony here. Mendelson said she discovered that Lahren’s great-great-grandfather, a man named Constantin Dietrich, was prosecuted for forging a document to obtain his U.S. citizenship.

Mendelsohn said Dietrich was indicted by a grand jury on two separate counts: making a false affidavit related to naturalization proceedings and forging a naturalization document.

A trial jury, however, acquitted Lahren’s ancestor. Mendelsohn suspects the jurors sympathized with Dietrich’s strong desire to become an American citizen, which became official in 1926.

“I bring this to light not to shame or embarrass Tomi Lahren,” Mendelsohn wrote, adding that her discovery doesn’t mean that Dietrich was a bad person.

“Perhaps it only means that like millions of others, his overweening desire to become a U.S. citizen may have caused him to try to cut a corner or two,” she stated.

SOURCE:  Wonkette


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