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Texas A&M head football coach Kevin Sumlin is speaking out after receiving racist hate mail following his team’s loss to UCLA last week, according to the Bleacher Report.

On Thursday, Sumlin’s wife, Charlene Sumlin, took to Twitter to post an image of a hate letter that was sent to their home that read “You suck as a coach! You’re a n—– and can’t win! Please get lost! Or else,” the news outlet wrote. She captioned the image “People of 2017: please tell me how any part of this is ok. And to the sender: did it occur to you that a child may open it? #orelseWHAT?”

During a press conference on Saturday—after defeating Nicholls State 24-14—Sumlin shared his sentiments about the racist backlash. Sumlin said although he understands criticism comes with the territory of his job, the racial aspect of the letter and the fact that it affected his family was very bothersome.

New Mexico State v Texas A&M

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“My wife and kids have never called a play. My wife and kids have never done anything football-wise that led to us losing a game or winning a game,” said Sumlin, according to the Bleacher Report. “The racial [aspect] is one part of it, but the open-ended threat at the end, [sent] to my house…I’ve got to draw the line there.”

ESPN reported that Texas A&M president Michael Young and athletic director Scott Woodward have both denounced the letter. “There is no excuse for hatred and, as a community, we will not allow the ignorance of some to intimidate any member of our community,” read a statement from the institution.

The Brazos County Sheriff’s office launched a probe into the incident.

According to ESPN, Sumlin is one of seven Black head coaches in the entire Power 5 conference.

SOURCE: Bleacher Report, ESPN


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