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Eighteen-year-old  Xavier Olesko, a popular high school student, thought he was going to hang out with three acquaintances on the evening of September 18. Instead, he was shot to death in a northwestern suburb of Fort Worth, Texas, by one of the men who planned to rob him, according to  WFAA television.

The men, Kyle Garrison, 17; Tyee Garrison, 18; and Sean Garrison, 23, all of White Settlement,  Texas, were arrested Wednesday and charged with Capital Murder in connection with Olesko’s death, the report said.

“Turned from a robbery to, unfortunately, a fatal shooting,” White Settlement police Cpl. Michelle Lenoire told NBC 5, who noted the unusual nature of arresting three brothers on murder charges in the same incident. “I haven’t seen it in my career. It is a unique case.”

Olesko, who was Black, was living with a family at the home where the shooting occurred. Before the shooting, he was in the backyard when witnesses said he left to meet friends in the front of the residence. Suddenly a shot rang out and the family rushed to the front to find Olesko motionless on the ground. He was shot once in the chest, the report said.

Olesko attended Brewer and Western Hills high schools and had just completed classwork to graduate, friends told NBC 5.

The Garrisons, who are White, are each being held on a $200,000 bond at the White Settlement Police Department jail, the report said.

White Settlement, which is about 86 percent White and was incorporated in 1941, dates back to the 1800s when Whites settlers engaged in bloody turf battles with Native Americans. The  name came about as a way to distinguish itself from the Native American Settlement. A measure to change the town’s name to West Settlement failed in 2005.


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