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Known for his formative comedy, House Party, from back in the day, director Reginald Hudlin switches hats in directing the historical film, Marshall, which chronicles the life of Thurgood Marshall, and stars Chadwick Boseman.

“It’s rare that I get to show my other side. I’ve always been very political and loved drama, ” Hudlin told BlackAmericaWeb. “I wanted to make a movie that people want to see…. I want to be in the must-see category.”

His friend producer Paula Wagner handed him the script knowing he was a big fan of Marshall, the founder of the NAACP Legal Defense Fund who became the first Black Supreme Court justice. “I always was a big Thurgood Marshall fan. Always felt that he was underrated. I was really excited for a chance to tell this story that so many people don’t know.”

Marshall opens in theaters Friday, October 13.


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