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Throughout all of terrible twists and turns of the ordeal surrounding the president’s delayed – and then insensitive – response to a group of U.S. military commandos being killed abroad, some good news has emerged. The children of fallen soldier and Army Sgt. La David Johnson will have their educations paid in full, if the progress of a new crowdfunding campaign was any indication.

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A GoFundMe account was started by a mentoring program in Johnson’s hometown of Miami that was founded by U.S. Rep Frederica Wilson, who has known Johnson’s family for decades.

The funds will be given to Johnson’s widow, Myeshia Johnson, the mother of their two children who is also six months’ pregnant with their third. She was thrust into the spotlight late Tuesday night after it was reported that President Donald Trump’s call of would-be condolences included him saying her late husband “knew what he was signing up for.” Trump also reportedly didn’t know Johnson’s name.

Nearly $400,000 of the campaign’s $1 million goal had been pledged as of early Wednesday afternoon, just about 24 hours after it was started.

“The 5000 Role Model of Excellence Project, is establishing a Role Model Army Sgt. La David T. Johnson Scholarship to benefit his children by providing money towards their college education,” the GoFundMe page said in part. “We are asking you to donate to this worthy cause. Please, donate generously today.”

Trump called Wilson a liar after the congresswoman announced the president’s callous call to Johnson’s widow. The claims sparked Trump’s latest Twitter storm that may be an intentional distraction from the investigation into Russian collusion with his presidential campaign that has been picking up steam lately.

An investigation has been launched into the ambush of the group of Green Berets in Niger on October 4, when Johnson and three fellow soldiers were killed. Johnson’s body was reportedly not recovered for about 48 hours after the ambush, prompting a number of questions about what could turn into Trump’s Benghazi moment less than a year into his presidency.


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