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New photos from inside the hotel storage freezer where Kenneka Jenkins was found dead in suburban Chicago last month “raise more questions than they do answers,” an attorney representing the teenager’s family said Friday.  Sam Adam Jr. made his comments in a press release, according to the Chicago Tribune.

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The pictures “are graphic and disturbing images and inexplicably show portions of Kenneka’s body exposed,” Adams said. In addition, although the rest of Jenkins’ clothes were found undisturbed, the official police report said her jacket “was pulled up exposing her breasts.”

There also may be a video of Jenkins walking into the freezer after all, debunking police’s claim that there wasn’t, the family lawyers suggested in the press release.

“Numerous requests for any and all videos and photos showing Ms. Jenkins going into the freezer of her own volition have not been forthcoming, and quite frankly raise more questions than answers as to how and why Ms. Jenkins was found in the condition in which she was located,” the release said.

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Jenkins was found in the freezer on September 9, more than 24 hours after she was first reported missing by her friends. Her mother has launched a series of protests at the hotel, which she said was delayed in its response to help look for her daughter.

Despite a number of conspiracy theories that ranged from sexual assault to organ harvesting, a local coroner determined Jenkins’ death was an accident while she was intoxicated.



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