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Six firefighters, who hung a noose over a Black lieutenant’s family photos inside a fire station, have threatened to sue the city of Miami for revealing their identities, according to The Miami Herald.

Osnat K. Rind, an attorney for Miami’s International Association of Firefighters, sent a letter Thursday to the city of Miami that alluded to a lawsuit.

“The release of these photographs, which now appear in several media reports including reports on the internet, is inconsistent with the City’s legal obligation to consider the underlying purpose of the statute, and may subject the City to potential civil liability for the unwarranted disclosure of public records,” he wrote. “The Union requests that you cease and desist in this regard.”

Kevin R. Jones, an assistant city attorney, also wrote multiple news outlets on Friday, demanding a “cease and desist from further showing the firefighters pictures in your coverage of this event.

“As former first responders, their photos are confidential and exempt under Florida’s public disclosure law and should not have been released,” Jones reportedly wrote.

News outlet, including The Miami Herald, have decided to keep the photos published on its sites.

SOURCE: The Miami Herald


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