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Alabama’s Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Roy Moore, who was a leading voice in the anti-Obama birther movement, made a campaign stop on Sunday at a predominantly Black church in Birmingham, where he worshipped with the congregation for the entire service, WBRC-TV reported.

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Bishop Jim Lowe, of Guiding Light Church, thanked Moore for accepting his invitation and applauded the former judge for his conservative values, including his 2003 fighting to keep a Ten Commandments monument posted at a state building. “The law said he should remove them. He said, ‘no, this is the word of God.’ He wouldn’t support same-sex marriage. The law says support it. He said, ‘but the law of God is supreme.’ He’s on a cross. He’s being crucified now,” Lowe said.

Moore spoke briefly, explaining to the congregation that he couldn’t “talk about politics or anything,” but thanked them for their support. With the Dec. 12 special election just one week away, the candidate is trying to get every vote possible in the suddenly tight race. Several women have accused Moore of having sexual contact with them as teenagers (one of them just 14) when he was in his 30s. The scandal allowed his Democratic rival Doug Jones to suddenly become competitive. Analysts say that Jones could win if he gets the support of Republicans who are disgusted by Moore and if Jones could inspire African Americans to vote for him in large numbers.

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At the end of the service, Moore shook hands with members of the congregation but had little to say to reporters. He did, however, comment that he agreed with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell who stated that morning on CBS’ “Face the Nation” that Alabama voters will decided weather Moore gets elected. When the scandal broke, McConnell joined the chorus calling on the embattled candidate to drop out of the race.



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