The news that Doug Jones was Joe Biden's choice for U.S. attorney general drew attention to the former Alabama senator's prosecution of KKK members who bombed a historic Black church in Birmingham that killed four little Black girls in 1963.

Ben Carson is putting a new spin on Donald Trump's infamous presidential campaign slogan. The HUD secretary wants to make, and keep, America segregated again, according to the agency's latest proposed rule.

The deplorable Ben Carson continues with his demonic ways.

The Senator needs to remember who elected him.

The failed Republican Senate candidate is asking for $250,000.

Sen. Doug Jones was one of five Democrats who voted with Republicans for a short-term funding bill to prevent a government shutdown.

Dana Gresham, who previously served in the Obama administration, will become Doug Jones’ chief of staff, according to reports.

Roy Moore is still whining about losing the the Alabama U.S. Senate race to Democrat Doug Jones. Now, the loss is going to hurt even more because the state of Alabama released the names of nearly 23,000 write-in candidates. The write-in candidates were basically a vote for Jones and another reason why the accused pedophile lost. […]

During the Alabama U.S. Senate race, Roy Moore‘s most solid base was evangelicals, who voted for Moore at an astounding 80 percent. This is despite being an accused pedophile. However, when people discuss the Christian vote, they often leave out an important factor — race. According to The Washington Post, Black Christians voted for Doug […]

Judge Roy Moore is the sore loser of 2017. The accused pedophile clearly lost the Alabama Senate race and has blamed everyone from Muslims to any form of brown people. Also, as we all know, Roy thinks LGBT people are going to burn in the fiery depths of an Alabama hell so he is especially […]

Not even a week after Doug Jones‘ historic win in Alabama, he is already putting his foot in his mouth. In an interview with CNN, the Senator-elect from Alabama said that people should move on from Donald Trump‘s sexual assault allegations. He also doesn’t believe President Trump should resign, regardless of 13 different women accusing […]