The failed Republican Senate candidate is asking for $250,000.

Roy Moore is still whining about losing the the Alabama U.S. Senate race to Democrat Doug Jones. Now, the loss is going to hurt even more because the state of Alabama released the names of nearly 23,000 write-in candidates. The write-in candidates were basically a vote for Jones and another reason why the accused pedophile lost. […]

During the Alabama U.S. Senate race, Roy Moore‘s most solid base was evangelicals, who voted for Moore at an astounding 80 percent. This is despite being an accused pedophile. However, when people discuss the Christian vote, they often leave out an important factor — race. According to The Washington Post, Black Christians voted for Doug […]


Charles Barkley pledged $1 million to Black women business owners in Alabama after their votes secured Doug Jones' Senate election.

A recount in the Alabama Senate race is unlikely to change the outcome of Democrat Doug Jones besting Roy Moore in a huge upset.

Pedophilia and Racism Loses All of the analysts said it wasn’t possible.  Alabama is a seriously red state and we haven’t seen an Alabama Democratic Senator in over two decades. Nonetheless, Trump’s vile ways and Roy Moore’s hatred was not accepted by Alabama voters. Doug Jones won the high-stakes special election — even though Roy […]

Most people didn’t see this coming. Many of us thought a Democrat could not win in the red state of Alabama. However,  pedophilia, homophobia and racism did not win in the deep south. The times are changing. Doug Jones won the Alabama Senate race and it was the Black vote, especially Black women, who gave […]


The world was watching Tuesday as the people of Alabama prepared to place their ballots in the special election.

If you are in Alabama — stay woke. Today the state is voting to a send a racist and alleged pedophile,  Roy Moore, or a man who prosecuted KKK members who killed four Black girls, Doug Jones, to the Senate. It is one of the most important elections in Alabama’s history and there are already […]

Roy Moore’s Wife Wants You To Know Jews Work For Her As we all know, the Republican nominee for the Senate has been accused of being sexist, racist, a pedophile and anti-Semitic. Kayla Moore is tired of the insults, especially when it comes to the Jewish community. There is no way she and Roy hate […]


Tomorrow the state of Alabama will vote on whether Democrat Doug Jones or Republican Roy Moore will be elected to the United States Senate. Most analysts predict Moore will win, despite being accused of making sexual advances to five women when they were teenagers. However, Doug Jones’ camp is hoping for record turnout from the […]

Roy Moore is an accused child  molester, believes America had stronger families during slavery and was removed  from the Alabama Supreme Court (twice!) for refusing to follow orders. Now, we just learned that in a 2011 interview discovered by CNN, the Alabama Republican Senate nominee said that we could “eliminate many problems” by getting rid of […]