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Texas’ Democratic Rep. Al Green vowed to force an impeachment vote against President Donald Trump on Wednesday, which Democratic leaders are calling premature, Politico reported.

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“The framers of the Constitution wanted a means to remove a president who had not committed a crime, but was causing harm to society. In fact, impeachment, as prophetically defined by the framers of the Constitution, was designed for a time such as this and a president such as Trump,” Green wrote in a letter to colleagues on Tuesday, which pointed to “bigotry, hatred, hostility from the presidency.”

Green is using a procedure in the House rules in which lawmakers could present “privileged” motions on impeachment that in essence allows a single lawmaker to force the entire body to consideration the matter. Inevitably, the Republican majority will vote to table the vote. At the same time, it puts the Democrats in the awkward position of going on the record as disapproving the attempt to remove the president from office. While the Democrats overwhelming oppose Trump, the majority of them believe Green’s move is premature, as the special prosecutor Robert Mueller and his team investigates the president and his aides for possible obstruction of justice and collusion with Russia during the presidential campaign.

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Pressure from House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi , who thinks the move is unwise, convinced Green to halt his impeachment efforts in October. He previously joined an article of impeachment from Rep. Brad Sherman, a California Democrat. It alleged that the president obstructed justice when he fired then FBI director James Comey while he oversaw the ongoing investigation into possible collusion between Trump’s presidential campaign and Russia.

SOURCE:  Politico


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