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Madison Duke has been dating her boyfriend Chris Hunt for nearly a year. The Dallas high school students are preparing to celebrate their first Christmas together and Chris got a surprise of a lifetime: Madison’s family gifted him a car.

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Watch the cute moment below:

Social media showed the couple tons of love and the two even decided to start a YouTube channel together. Check out their video on the epic Christmas gift:

Sadly, a Twitter user noticed the disgusting amount of hate Madison and  Chris received in the comments. See below and please be warned, some of the comments are graphic:

Madison responded with, “More hate than love which is surprising tbh and it’s disgusting.” However, Chris wasn’t surprised. He posted on Twitter that he “saw it coming.”

Fortunately, the vile comments only brought out more love from Twitter. See some of the reactions below:

No one  should be shocked at the ignorance toward these teenagers. However, like we saw last  night with Doug Jones winning in Alabama — love wins.


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