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Activist and New York Daily News reporter Shaun King’s decision to put CNN on blast resulted in King being locked out of his Twitter account, Jezebel reports.

The incident began when King was asked to appear on Don Lemon’s show and discuss the death of an Illinois police officer. After it was initially reported that Lt. Charles Gliniewicz was killed during a foot chase in September, critics blamed the Black Lives Matter movement for fanning racial tensions.

Lemon and other conservatives asked whether BLM was “going too far.”

Investigators revealed Wednesday that the officer actually committed suicide when it was discovered he embezzled at least “five figures” from a youth group.

After King posted the emails in which he emphatically declined to appear on Lemon’s show, he was subsequently locked out of his Twitter account – although a full explanation has not been revealed.

Given Lemon and King’s history, the tension isn’t surprising. Earlier this year, the activist faced questions about his race, prompting Lemon to discuss their personal conversation on air with critics who believed King needed to present a birth certificate to prove he was biracial.

King is now back on Twitter, but what a curious exchange that was. Are social media sites caping for Lemon and CNN? Sound off in the comments below…

To see the emails in question, click here.



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