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Can Someone Tell Roy Moore It’s a Wrap?

Roy Moore reportedly has not gotten the memo that he can’t and won’t stop Doug Jones after his major win in the Alabama Senate race. Uncounted ballots are “unlikely” to change the election’s outcome, driven largely by Black women voters, to force a recount, the state’s election chief said Wednesday.

Jones is leading Moore by about 20,000 votes, about 1.5 percent, with all precincts counted, The Associated Press reported.  An automatic recount would only be triggered if Jones’ margin of victory is less than half of 1 percent, but his margin is about three times that marker. It is just highly impossible for any leftover ballots to dramatically decrease Jones’ victory margin, Secretary of State John Merrill said to The AP. Write-in votes may be tabulated, along with provisional and overseas ballots, in the matter of deciding a recount. But again, a recount would really not change the outcome.

Moore also hasn’t conceded after the Black voting block clearly took a stand against him for his racism and disgusting ties to pedophilia. It’s safe to say that’s it’s a wrap for Moore.

Gwen Moore Tired Of Dealing With Racists (Like Most Black Americans)

Racists are getting even more vicious in their attacks. U.S. Rep Gwen Moore was contacted by a Roy Moore supporter, claiming to be an Associated Press journalist, who hurled racial slurs at her, USA Today reported. “Once their cover was blown they started screaming & called me & my staff the n-word & other racial slurs,” she said.

But the congresswoman is not a pushover and won’t stand for the hate. “I won’t be intimidated,” she said. ” I won’t stop speaking out. You will not shut me down. Believe it.”

Shut ’em down, sis.

Saturday Night Live Has Its First Head Black Writer Since…Never

This just end: Saturday Night Live has finally put an African-American creative in charge of the writers’ room. It only took a whopping 43 seasons for this move to happen, y’all.

Michael Che has broken a color barrier at the popular late-night show, promoted to the head writer’s seat, the NBC show announced Tuesday. Will this make way for more Black scribes and writers of color? It certainly is a promising move.


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