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George Zimmerman, who killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin and escaped justice, came out of his rat hole and threatened to physically assault Jay-Z over his TV docu-series and film about the shooting, The Blast reported.

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“I know how to handle people who f**k with me, I have since February 2012,” said Zimmerman, who’s clearly delusional if he thinks the rapper is now afraid to tell Trayvon’s story.

Trayvon’s killer said he’s irate about money his ex-wife supposedly received for participating in the documentary and for the producers not paying his family members. He also claims that production team and film crews harassed his family through unannounced visits to their homes. Zimmerman said he’s holding Jay-Z and executive producer Michael Gasparro accountable, adding that “anyone who f***s with my parents will be fed to an alligator.”

Jay-Z is collaborating with the Weinstein Company to make a six-part TV docu-series and film about the killing of Trayvon, which sparked a national protest. They will base the productions on two books: “Suspicion Nation: The Inside Story of the Trayvon Martin Injustice and Why We Continue to Repeat It” and “Rest in Power: The Enduring Life of Trayvon Martin,” which they won the TV and film rights to in a fiercely competitive bidding process. I doubt that Jay-Z has any concerns about Zimmerman, as he moves forward in telling this important story. Twitter agrees. Some folks are sending thinly veiled counter threats to Zimmerman, noting that the rapper is not a teenage kid. One person even suggests setting up a bout on pay per view and donating the money to the Black Lives Matter collective.

SOURCE:  The Blast


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