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The conservatives at Fox News are angry that marijuana is fully legal in California and foresee a dystopian future of drug addicts polluting the delicate streets of the Sunshine State. Fox News’ Dr. Marc Siegel even claims weed is worse than alcohol,  which is not true. According to the American Journal of Public Health, “healthy marijuana users were not more likely to die of an early death than the healthy men and women who did not use cannabis.” However, Siegel is more concerned about pregnant women who experience morning sickness. Yep, weed being legalized will ruin the lives of pregnant women.

The doctor argues because marijuana is legal in Cali, pregnant woman will be unable to control themselves and smoke weed for morning sickness.  He explained, “It leads to children who have behavioral problems, that can’t focus, that have memory problems, that don’t do as well in school, leads to low-birth-weight pre-term infants. This is very bad for pregnancy.” Watch his theory below.

Siegel’s theory comes from a study that claims more pregnant woman are smoking weed, but this has nothing to do with marijuana being legal. Whether it’s weed or alcohol, pregnant women using drugs is a separate discussion from legalization. Siegel’s real discussion should be about addiction, which is usually from legal substances like prescription medications and alcohol. Marijuana being legal has already proven to bring down crime and create local jobs, not increase  low-birth-weight or memory loss. Stay woke, folks.



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