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By now, you may have heard about Democratic Sen. Harry Reid’s comparison of the healthcare debate to the debate over slavery. Let’s examine this briefly.


Both were contentious issues argued about on the Senate floor; both were issues affecting Black people disproportionately; both freaked White people out enough to have them screaming bloody murder at the mere mention of “federal government.”

Seems like a sound enough argument to me! But wait… could there be a disconcerting undertone to all this? What’s race got to do with healthcare, anyway?

(A lot. You’d want to check this, this & this out to learn more.)

All this is to say that there seems to be a definite & palpable hypothesis the Democratic party is trying to advance: if you’re against healthcare, you’re a racist. And, with a Black president, you certainly don’t wanna be caught with that glove on. Do you?

Seemingly in response to this, there’s a great YouTube campaign going on called, “I Guess I’m A Racist.”


If I’m honest, I stopped caring about healthcare when I realized it’s the “Hope&Change” trojan horse. You know, except it’s filled with crazy-eyed lobbyists that are hell-bent on making sure D.C. continues on the “More Of The Same” bus we all thought we de-boarded on November 4, 2008.


But my favorite part of this “I Guess I’m A Racist,” thing is how they cleverly get a couple Black people in there. Like, “Hey, see, it’s a Black person.. against healthcare.. I guess you think this BLACK PERSON is racist toooo, Harry Reid?! *scoff scoff scoff*.” The people behind this video really, truly understand race politics in this country. (GROAN)

What do you think? Is it racist to be against health care reform? Is there a real comparison to be drawn between slavery & health care? Does race even play a role here or is everyone just going nuts?

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