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Former President Barack Obama may have been the leader of the free world, but like any average father, he gets sentimental when watching his daughters hit major life milestones. During a recent interview on David Letterman’s new show My Next Guest Needs No Introduction, Obama reflected on what it was like to send his oldest daughter Malia Obama off to Harvard last August, US Weekly reported.

During the sit-down he candidly shared how he and his family handled Malia’s move-in day last summer, the news outlet writes. He shared that getting the 19-year-old settled in her Harvard dorm was truly a family effort with her younger sister Sasha helping her make her bed and fold clothes, him attempting to put together a desk lamp, and former first lady Michelle Obama organizing the closets.

Obama revealed that although he held it together in front of Malia, when it was time to leave the Cambridge, Massachusetts campus the tears began to flow. “I held it together in front of Malia and then we drove away,” he said, according to the news outlet. “Secret Service is in the front, and they’re just looking ahead. They’re pretending they can’t see me in the back sniffling. But the ritual of it was powerful.” He also shared that he and his daughter chat often which helps him deal with her absence at home.

Watch a clip of Barack Obama’s interview with David Letterman below.

Obama is currently gearing up for the construction of his presidential library in Chicago.



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