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CNN’s Angela Rye is not one to come for if you are a Republican who defends the president’s racism. Trump’s former campaign economics adviser Stephen Moore learned this the hard way on CNN today.

In discussing 45’s clear, present and dangerous racism, Moore claimed, “I talk to so many Black Americans myself and they say what they like about Donald Trump, those who approve of his policies, because they think he is going to make America great again.” Angela Rye — and probably the rest of CNN’s viewers — had a look of pure confusion. Rye asked, “Who did you talk to?”

Moore responded with, “I talk to people all the time, when I’m on the street I talk to people, on the job I talk to people, when I talk to African-Americans and also Hispanics, a lot of times they don’t like his language, but sure like what he’s doing for the economy. That’s the reason I bet you when he runs for re-election, he get a higher rate of Black and Hispanic vote than he did in 2016, because he’ll be running on his record.”

On the street? What Black folks is Moore randomly talking to on the street about Trump? If he considers Ben Carson and Omarosa to be his hodgepodge of Blackness, Moore needs to leave his bubble.

Moore’s awkward comment was prompted by Angela Rye breaking down Trump’s history of racism. I guess when you get thrashed like this on national television, you can only resort to impromptu polls “on the street.” See below:

Lastly, the African-American unemployment rate has been going down for years, which is nothing Trump can take credit for. It is Obama-era policies that brought down the unemployment for every demographic.



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