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Most married couples would do anything to be together on their wedding anniversary. Not the Trumps — well, not Melania. According to CNN, the First Lady canceled a trip to  Davos, Switzerland, which fell on  their 13th wedding anniversary. The reason for the cancellation “scheduling conflicts.” Scheduling conflicts? We rarely see her in public and allegedly she is non-existent at the White House. What exactly is in her packed schedule?

As Michael Wolff wrote in Fire & Fury, via an excerpt from, their marriage is deeply dysfunctional and the two barely communicate. They go days not speaking, even when they are together at Trump Tower. “‘He and Melania spent relatively little time together. … Often she did not know where he was, or take much notice of that fact,’ Wolff writes, noting that Mrs. Trump also didn’t know about or show much interest in her husband’s business.” According to Wolff, everyone around Trump found their marriage “perplexing.”

The cancellation from the First Lady is amid reports that Donald Trump paid a porn star named Stormy Daniels $130,000 to stay quiet during the 2016 election. Allegedly, Trump cheated with Stormy while Melania was pregnant with their son Baron.

It’s hard to believe Melania is even remotely happy — and let us never forget this classic moment below.

Wherever you are in the world Melania, happy anniversary!



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