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If you think you have time to come for April Ryan, make sure you have your facts ready. Republican lawmaker Jack Kingston got schooled on live television after he tried to throw lies at Ryan.

Kingston argued Americans do not care about the president trying to derail an investigation into his administration by firing special counsel Robert Mueller. He brought up incorrect facts of Trump bringing down unemployment for Blacks and Hispanics, which is a rollover from Obama.

April Ryan was ready, “Smoke and mirrors — those facts are alternate. Here is the deal, Jack, when you talk about unemployment going down, there’s a trend — it’s a trend that started over a year ago. But, here’s the devil that’s in the details. You are saying, ‘It’s great, it’s great,’ there is still great hurt.” She continued, “The African-American unemployment rate that the president tweeted about to Jay Z after the Van Jones interview? The president saying, ‘did he see the unemployment rate, six percent?’ The president is talking about the numbers, not an approach, so there is a problem there.”

The foolishness starts around the two-minute mark:

In case you or anyone you know believes Trump’s unemployment lies, here are some actual facts:


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