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Donald Trump has brought out the stupidest sides of people since he became President. From Fox News to viral videos, Americans are letting their hate flag fly and Trump affirms them. Now, some of this loyal followers are asking for White History Month, simply because they are threatened by the 28 days us Black folks get in February.

According to New York Magazine, “Respondents to a national survey of registered voters were asked if they had a favorable or unfavorable opinion of Black History Month. As a follow-up, they were asked if there should be a White History Month. Overall respondents favored Black History Month by a 57-18 margin, and opposed a White History Month by a 58-22 margin.” Sounds harmless, right? Not so fast, never think harmless when it comes to Trump voters.  The magazine continues, “If you break out responses by self-reported 2016 presidential voting, it gets more interesting. Trump voters support Black History Month by a meh 38-25 margin (Clinton voters support it 75-10). Meanwhile, a plurality of Trump voters (37-35) think we need a White History Month (Clinton voters oppose it 8-77).”

My response?

Let’s be clear. There is already a White History Month(s) and I mean that literally — National Italian American Heritage Month is in October, Irish-American History Month  is in March and Jewish American Heritage Month is in May. Sure, there are plenty of Black and Brown people who are Italian and Irish because that is a nationality, not a race, but these months focus solely on whiteness. Furthermore, from Hollywood execs to congress to school districts — everything is controlled by a majority of white people.

However,  if someone actually created some fantastical White History Month, it certainly wouldn’t be G-rated. Expect a full blown horror movie, highlighting how whiteness has raped, pillaged and colonized from “sea to shining sea.”

SOURCE: The New Yorker


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