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Wendy Williams was dragged after she issued a two-for-one diss aimed at Fergie and Beyoncé about their vocal abilities recently.

The talk show host shut down Fergie, who slaughtered the national anthem and turned it into a pitchy hot mess of a performance at the NBA All-Star game over the weekend. Yes, the struggle was real for Fergie. But Williams grouped Beyoncé in with Fergie on Tuesday and suggested that both of them need autotune for live performances.

“There are only a few people who can sing raw-dog and Fergie is not one, she needs autotune,” Williams said on her talk show before adding, “Jen[nifer] Lopez needs autotune and Janet [Jackson] needs autotune and Beyoncé needs autotune.”

Williams continued, “Adele, Aretha [Franklin], Celine [Dion], Dionne Warwick, and Mariah [Carey], they don’t need nothing — They sing raw-dog you know?”

Yes, Williams said that about B, and her studio audience gasped at the comments. But why come for Beyoncé, especially when you know the Beyhive backlash will be heavy and swift?

Bey has already proven that she doesn’t need autotune. Do you remember when she was slammed for “lip syncing” during her performance at the presidential inauguration for Barack Obama in 2013? When she was later scheduled to do the half-time show at Super Bowl 47, dozens of social media users assumed that she would just lip sync. But Bey shut down the haters!

Beyoncé performed the National Anthem on the spot during a press conference ahead of the Super Bowl in January 2013. Yup, she sang it, FLAWLESS. Folks cheered, and she laughed and said, “Any questions?” Yes, Bey admitted to lip syncing at the inauguration, but she had a good reason for doing so: to protect her voice.

Perhaps Williams forgot Bey’s Super Bowl moment when she made the remarks, but she was reminded of the Beyhive’s power. Fans dragged her all over social media, issuing more checks than the bank. Here are some of the tweets:


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