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New Black Baltimore Police Chief Has Immediate Success

Several positive records were set for the number of homicides in Baltimore in February, a feat that should be attributed to the new police commissioner even before he was officially working in that capacity. Darryl De Sousa was sworn in on Wednesday as Baltimore’s 40th police commissioner. The ceremony took place one day after the end of February, which had the fewest number of homicides in the city for a month in more than two years, the Baltimore Sun reported.

Just sixteen murders in Baltimore were reported last month, the fewest since January 2016, when there were 14. There was even a two-week long stretch when there wasn’t a single homicide, a statistic that was all but unheard of for a place that has been dubbed America’s “most dangerous city.”

“I promise I will not let this city down,” Sousa said at his swearing-in.

NRA: Trump Is Lying About Gun Control

The president doesn’t actually want any gun control legislation enacted at all, a top-ranking leader with the NRA tweeted Thursday, hours after he met with Trump and the vice president.

The tweet from Chris Cox, the executive director of the National Rifle Association’s lobbying group (NRA-ILA), contradicted what the president has been saying publicly in the wake of last month’s deadly high school shooting in Parkland, Florida.

Since the president woke up Friday tweeting about Alec Baldwin instead of policy and didn’t refute Cox’s claim – and because he has a rich history of lying – there is no reason to think the tweet wasn’t the truth.

In fact, less than an hour after Cox’s tweet, Trump said how productive the meeting was.

Condi Calls The Shots

Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice told the top ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee to “wrap” up the investigation into Russian collusion surrounding the 2016 presidential election, the Hill reported. Her words all but echoed the seemingly daily refrain from the president, who has acknowledged Russia tried to interfere in the election but denied being in cahoots with them.

“I know you got a really hard job and I appreciate what you’re doing for the country, but I really hope you can wrap it,” Rice told California Rep. Adam Schiff while they were both on daytime TV show “The View” on Thursday. “The country needs to get back to business, so that’s my greatest hope is that this gets done.”

But then she turned around and told MSNBC that special prosecutor Robert Mueller, who is leading the investigation, should be allowed to do his job.


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