Mark Robinson sounds like he’s gearing up for a real-life rendition of “The Purge.”


Donald Trump Jr. claimed Salvador Ramos would have committed the "same" Uvalde shooting with a bat or machete.


Comedian Jason Selvig grabbed a mic at the NRA convention to mock CEO Wayne LaPierre with a satirical "thoughts and prayers" speech.


Former President Donald Trump once again tried and failed to show leadership after a crisis.

If the Uvalde school shooting wasn't bad timing (to say the least), the upcoming NRA event in Texas where Gov. Greg Abbott and Ted Cruz are scheduled to speak certainly is.

The Black Ballot

Let's be clear: Ensuring that African Americans were largely unarmed and the criminalization of people of color with weapons has been a strategic part of white supremacy and Black victimization by the NRA.

She is the mother of Jordan Davis was shot and killed in Nov. 2012.

Two major organizations have broken ties with club.

Another reason why we need comprehensive firearm legislation.

Four people have reportedly been shot at the Chicago hospital.

The Senator needs to remember who elected him.