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Jemele Hill spoke her truth about recent allegations of racism against ESPN personality Chris Berman via Twitter on Monday. Hill shut down talk about Berman having left her a racist voicemail, a claim that was made in a lawsuit filed by a former ESPN employee.

“A few years ago, I had a personal conflict with Chris Berman, but the way this conflict has been characterized is dangerously inaccurate,” Hill wrote. “Chris never left any racially disparaging remarks on my voicemail and our conflict was handled swiftly and with the utmost professionalism.”

Adrienne Lawrence, an ex-ESPN employee, made the allegation about Berman in a 93-page sexual harassment lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Connecticut on Sunday. Lawrence worked as part of a two-year fellowship program. Her lawsuit alleged that ESPN created a “toxic” work environment for women.

However, Hill found no merit in Lawrence’s claim, standing up for Berman in an unexpected move.

Hill also added that her concerns “were taken seriously by ESPN and addressed in a way that made me feel like a valued employee,” USA Today reported.

The journalist’s denial of the claims about Berman seems very convincing. Hill is known to speak up about important matters: Do you remember when she referred to Trump as a White supremacist? Her commentary affirmed the opinions of many African-Americans about the president and his divisive, racist rhetoric. Though Hill was suspended for having shared her view, she has stood by it. You gotta respect courage like that.

As far as Lawrence’s other allegations about ESPN and its employees, Hill has not addressed them yet. But we expect that the journalist will keep giving folks a piece of her mind.


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