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Paris Dennard has been dragged by everyone from Keith Boykin to Cornel West to A.Scott Bolden to former mayor of Philadelphia Michael Nutter. But you know it’s rough when a white Republican is destroying you on national television.

On Friday, GOP strategist Rick Wilson and CNN commentator Dennard discussed Trump‘s scandal with porn star Stormy Daniels. Of course, Dennard defended  Trump by dismissing the scandal because it happened before he was president — however, it is possible campaign finance money was used to keep Stormy silent. In addition, Dennard argued Trump is not addressing the scandal because of Melania Trump, “the president wants to dignify this story, true or false … this is something that is terribly embarrassing for the first lady.”

Rick Wilson, who is a Republican with some sense and against Trump, told Paris, “I feel you’re struggling here… Let me help you out here.” Paris’ life is a struggle, which Rick Wilson clearly picked up on. He continued, “Are you telling me that [the GOP] never once brought up the fact that Bill Clinton screwed his way through Arkansas?” Wilson asked. “No. They did it all the time. It wasn’t the fact that he did it before he was president.” Dennard babbled some more and Wilson didn’t hold back, “Is your standard of behavior so low? If your standard is that low, if your standard is that low, if you’re okay with him screwing porn stars, just say the words, ‘I’m okay with Donald Trump screwing porn stars.’ Can you say that for me, Paris?”

Dennard nearly exploded on television, ranting, “I will say that you have no respect for Mrs. Trump, you have no respect for his children, you have no respect for his family!”

Respect was the wrong line Wilson needed to here. He delivered this epic monologue, “Don’t you dare talk about respect when he insulted the [Khizr] Khan family, when he insulted John McCain’s war service. A man who has no respect for anyone on this earth. The fact that you’re defending him on that speaks much more about your character.”  Wilson then added this gem, “Just say it! Say ‘I love Donald Trump screwing a porn star!’” Paris Dennard should get that on a T-shirt.

Watch below:

Rick Wilson’s dragging didn’t stop there, he pulled a Mariah on Twitter and basically said, “I don’t know her!”


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