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UPDATED: 9:00 p.m. EST — According to, another bomb has reportedly exploded in a neighborhood in south Austin, Texas, “EMS said a man in his 30s suffered potentially serious injuries and was taken to a hospital.” Unfortunately, there  are no details on what caused the explosion or if it was connected to the other bombings in Texas. However, USA Today is reporting the bomb was at a Goodwill in Austin, Texas, “The man injured was a Goodwill employee who was going through donations when he was injured.”

There have been a total six bombs since the attacks began on March 2.

Original story:

Explosions Continue In Texas

The package that exploded overnight at a FedEx facility in Texas may have been in the process of being sent to an address in Austin, the same city where four other packages have exploded, killing two and injuring others this month. The FBI said they were all linked, CNN reported.

“We suspect it is related to our investigation,” FBI San Antonio spokeswoman Michelle Lee told CNN in reference to the bombings that began March 2.

While the first two explosions killed two Black people and injured another, as well as an elderly Hispanic woman, the victims in Sunday night’s blast were White, altering the narrative that the attacks could be racially motivated. There were no injuries at the Fed Ex facility.

The overnight explosion is likely to give law enforcement an increased sense of urgency – one that seemed to be missing following the earlier explosions. Law enforcement has neither named a suspect nor a motive. However, there are at least 27 hate groups in Texas. Officials have yet to call this an act of terrorism, but the attempted use of FedEx to deliver an explosive may change that.

Massive Alabama Tornado Slams HBCU

A tornado hit Jacksonville State University hard Monday night, leaving its campus in Jacksonville, Alabama, looking like a “war zone,” a state trooper told Fox News. The historically Black college was on Spring Break, so most students were not affected, but there was “major roof damage” to the school’s athletic arena, Pete Mathews Coliseum.

Photos quickly emerged on social media showing the extent of the damage as well as an image purportedly of the mammoth tornado descending on the town.

The school tweeted that “power lines were down,” and its official website had crashed as of Tuesday morning.

Citizens Armed With Cameras To Monitor Police

Some California residents tired of reckless police brutality going unchecked are set to be armed with cameras provided by the local Black Lives Matter chapter to monitor the moves of law enforcement, underscoring the growing levels of mistrust between citizens and officers both locally as well as nationally.

Like Father, Like Son: Donald Trump Jr. Almost Left His Pregnant Wife For Aubrey O’Day

The move, one pioneered by the Black Panther Party in the 1960s, was all but prompted by Sacramento police’s shooting of an unarmed Black man in 2016. Dash cam footage showed officers tried to hit Joseph Mann with their squad car before they shot him 14 times, killing him.


Like Father, Like Son: Donald Trump Jr. Almost Left His Pregnant Wife For Aubrey O’Day

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