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A 13-year-old teen was recently arrested after he left a “disgusting” voicemail for Cobb County NAACP members in Georgia, threatening to “murder Black people” last month, CBS 46 reported.

“My number is kill n***ers 101,” the racist and hateful message said. “My name, Johnny Rebel. My profession, murdering black people.”

The message, left on February 25 at 1:13 a.m., also mentioned another expletive and an anti-semitic insult, Atlanta news source 11Alive reported.

The Marietta Police Department recently apprehended the teen, the report said. Though police couldn’t release the boy’s name or photo because of his age, he will be charged in juvenile court with terroristic threats, law enforcement said.

Phyllis Blake, the Cobb County NAACP president, referred to the message as “disgusting.”

“It is just unbelievable that we have people like this in our world, and we just have to remember when we hear that not to let it deter us from what we are doing, but to continue to fight for everyone,” she said.

The caller may have disguised his voice using a computer program or mobile app to make it harder to determine his age. Hate and racism seemed to be the obvious motives for why the voicemail was recorded. However, documents that could shed more light on why the boy called the NAACP chapter are reportedly unavailable to the public.

The NAACP group contacted the Cobb County Police Department and the Marietta Police Department to report the hate incident on February 28, according to 11Alive. The FBI spearheaded a two-week investigation into the incident, which is making headlines amid recent domestic terrorism events that have shocked the nation.

Dialogues about racism have been sparked by those crimes, as well as other discriminatory incidents on college campuses nationwide. We must remember that the fight for justice usually begins with powerful words.


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