NuBrit’tany and Tasha Smith say Oregon "police didn't give a damn."

Charles Allen Barnes is mad he's getting death threats after allegedly vowing to "kill me a n*gger."

Civil Rights & Social Justice

A suspected white supremacist in Michigan pleaded guilty federal hate crimes for threatening to kill people supporting Black Lives Matter.


James Iannazzo, who is shown on video in Connecticut using racist language while violently attacking teenage workers at Robeks over the contents of a smoothie, also threatened to kill them "multiple times," according to the employee who filmed the footage.


Ross Wilburn, the first Black chair of the Iowa Democratic Party, received such violent and threatening hate from Trump cultists after penning an op-ed he had to beef up security for himself and his staff.

A federal judge ordered accused Capitol rioter Samuel Lazar to remain jailed in part because of racist death threats posted on Facebook that suggest he's a danger to Black people.

Florida man William John Hartnett, who threatened to kill a lawyer for representing Derek Chauvin during the former Minneapolis cop's murder trial, is facing five years in prison after he pleaded guilty.

Extremists left violent messages for Waters, calling her a "n----r b---h," and also threatened to kill her with an assault rifle.

On the ground organizers and church leaders amped up calls for transparency and protection in the face of repeated death threats and misinformation regarding the runoff races on Jan. 5.

The Trump-supporting Black comedian who offered up a wild conspiracy theory about accused child sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein’s reported prison suicide last weekend is now complaining that he was being targeted with threats in part because the president retweeted the video.

A two-week investigation led to his arrest.


"People are taking this to a whole 'nother degree," the journalist said.