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The murder of 22-year-old Stephon Clark by Sacramento police is still fresh in the hearts and minds of his family, friends and those throughout the country who sympathize with another young, Black life lost. His older brother, Stevante Clark, has been talking to the media and interview with CNN’s Don Lemon got extremely awkward.

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Appearing on Don Lemon Tonight,  Stevante  was visibly emotional. At the beginning of the interview, Lemon asked Clark how he was holding up to which he responded by ringing a bell. Lemon was visibly confused before Clark interjected by saying, “Next question.” He continued to clash with Lemon, but Stevante kept getting him off. However, he did mention a library would be built is his brother’s name.

The interview proceeded to go downhill with Clark repeatedly talking off camera, telling Lemon to say his brother’s name and blasting the media coverage. Noticing Stevante was not in good shape be on live television, Lemon cut the interview short, saying, “Maybe it was just a little too soon for him to be on television. I hope his family gets justice and he’s welcome back on.”

Watch the interview below:

Funeral services were held for Stephon Clark today. The Reverend Al Sharpton spoke, invited Stevante to join him and said, “You don’t tell people how to handle their pain. You don’t tell people, when you killed their loved one, how to grieve. We came for the family, we came for Stephon, we came because this boy should be alive today.” Watch a clip of his speech below.

We continue to keep Stephon Clark’s family in our prayers.


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