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Fox News host Sean Hannity, who reportedly built part of his wealth with assistance from the federal government while stereotyping Blacks as abusers of the system and condemning poor people who depend on government subsidies for their survival, comes across as quite the hypocrite.

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Records indicate that the conservative news pundit used multiple shell companies to shield his identity as the person who spent at least $90 million to purchase 877 residential properties, spread out across several states, the Guardian reported. His portfolio benefited from a program under President Barack Obama‘s administration and increased in value under Ben Carson‘s Department of Housing and Urban Development.

The investigation stemmed from the unexpected revelation that Hannity was a client of President Donald Trump’s private attorney, Michael Cohen, who’s under criminal investigation. A judge ordered Cohen’s lawyers to reveal the identity of his clients during at an April 16 hearing.

Hannity has used his popular cable news program to decry government aid to the poor, going out of his way to stigmatize Blacks as people who game the system. However, Hannity had no problem using a federal program to build his real estate empire.

The talk show host purchased dozens of properties with mortgages for $17.9 million with the help of the Department of Housing and Urban Development, which insured the loans under the federal government’s National Housing Act program.

Those loans were guaranteed under the Obama administration and increased by $ 5 million with support from Carson, President Donald Trump’s housing secretary.

Hannity was one of the fiercest Obama critics, including falsely blaming the nation’s first Black president for the housing foreclosure crisis. However, Hannity had no problem scooping up scores of discounted foreclosed properties in 2013.

Fox claims to be the cable TV news space that gives voice to the nation’s moral right. Yet the network reportedly saw nothing wrong with extending the contract of former host Bill O’Reilly after he paid out a $32 million sexual harassment settlement. The network ultimately fired him after revelations were made public about numerous sexual harassment allegations.

Will Hannity be next? He allegedly failed to disclose his relationship with Cohen while berating the special counsel Robert Mueller, who has been investigating Trump and Cohen. Hannity also neglected to mention his real estate empire while praising Carson on his show.


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