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Kanye West has made some questionable decisions over the years. However, he got the serious side-eye when he met with Donald Trump back in December of 2016. Then again, we know the man has been through a lot from losing his mother to feuding with everyone from Jay Z to Jimmy Kimmel. Many were afraid we forever lost Kanye to the sunken place. Well, if you had any doubts — his latest rant will convince you that the rapper is forever sunken.

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Kanye had what sounded like a volatile conversation with Hot 97’s Ebro Darden, which he recapped on air this morning. Their conversation ranged from Kanye admitting that his 2016 hospitalization was due to an opioid addiction and saying “nobody really showed love for me” during that time (Ebro said plenty of people reached out to him) to Kanye screaming, “We don’t want to be out here acting like n***ers.” Ebro responded with, “Well, you are acting like a n***er though because you are talking about things that you don’t understand.”

This most bizarre part was Darden quoted Kanye as saying, “I love Donald Trump.” Kanye said that he wants to “lead with love” but Ebro told Kanye he was a liar because the people who he is supporting in Trump’s land do not lead with love. But why does Kanye love  Trump so much? Because Trump paid him some attention and Obama didn’t. According to Ebro, Kanye ranted, “Well, I reached out to Obama for years and I couldn’t get anything done, but Trump gave me a meeting.” Ebro responded with, “Trump played you, bro. Trump didn’t give you a real meeting. You met at his home in New York City. A real meeting would’ve meant you would’ve went on that White House schedule.”

Why does Kanye believe he is entitled to meet with any sitting president? Obama didn’t owe Kanye a meeting. Obama was busy trying to repair our country after eight horrific years of Bush. Photo ops with celebrities wasn’t on his to-do list. Also, is Kanye that narcissistic, living in the privileged life of Calabasas, California to think he is the answer to the country’s problems? Kanye West is a prime example of a celebrity who takes himself too seriously. He has clearly been rich and famous too long, living in a delusional bubble and if meeting with Trump made him fall in love with 45, then his sunken place is even lower than Paris Dennard.

Wow, who would think Kim Kardashian would be more socially conscious than Donald Trump? Ebro also said that he believes Kanye is causing all of this press just to promote a new album, which might drop this week.

Watch the madness below:


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