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One of the greatest examples of White privilege is to be able to verbally attack police officers and not get shot, killed, or arrested. Commissioner Caren Z. Turner is a perfect example. When her daughter and her friends were pulled over by officers in New Jersey, Turner demanded to know why she was stopped and she didn’t hold back.

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In an eight-minute video, she grills into two police officers, telling them she is the Port Authority commissioner and shows her badge. “I am the commissioner of the Port Authority and I am heading up over 4,000 police officers, okay? So if there’s a problem…,” she threatened.

“There’s no problem,” one of the officers responded. “It’s an unregistered vehicle.”

According to, her daughter was pulled over for “front side tinted windows and a Nevada license plate with a dealer-installed chrome bracket that proclaimed: ‘Henderson-I am a VIP at Findlay Toyota,’ which partially covered the name of the state. Obscuring even part of a license plate can lead to a ticket in New Jersey.”

Turner went as far to curse out the officer, saying, “You may not tell me when to take my child. You may shut the f***k up!”

Watch below:

Turner has since “resigned” from her position. The Port Authority released the following statement: “The Port Authority has zero tolerance for ethics violations. This is the basis of the tough, systematic integrity reforms the Port Authority has implemented over the past year. Immediately upon learning of allegations that Commissioner Turner violated the Board’s newly-enacted Code of Ethics, an Inspector General investigation was begun. The investigation revealed conduct that was profoundly disturbing. After Commissioner Turner became aware of the investigation, she resigned.”

Let’s imagine if  Turner was a Black woman. Commissioner or not, there’s a good chance she would have been brutalized by police and possibly shot and killed for being a “threat.” The grace this woman was given is astounding.


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