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White flight is real. When Black and brown people move in, white people flee. Unless, of course, whites are trying to gentrify a neighborhood. However, an Ohio school district is stopping white students from leaving their schools after a growing number of minority students have enrolled.

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According to the Associated Press, the Liberty Local Schools board just north of Youngstown,  which is in an Ohio school district “will stop allowing white students to attend a neighboring district through open enrollment and take public funding with them because it wants to avoid becoming segregated.”  This isn’t the first time this has happened, the AP also reports two decades ago in Akron, Ohio, white students were trying to flee to suburban schools but “a judge blocked enforcement of that effort when Akron was accused of discrimination, and the district quickly changed its policy to more broadly ban open enrollment out of the district.”

Liberty Superintendent Joe Nohra, who is white, said to the AP, “Our board is not making a statement that we want to increase our white population or that we want an all-white school district,” said Nohra, who is white. “We just don’t want the school district to become segregated.” In addition,  more than half the incoming students are minorities, while most of the outgoing students are white.

This is an excellent move. The AP used nicer language, stating, “Certain funding follows the kids.” Translation: Where the white students go, the funding goes. Black and Latin schools are sometimes ruined by white flight, which eventually ends up in their schools being shut down. Until Black and Latin school are properly funded, the white students should stay exactly where they are.


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