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Kanye West is currently the king of the sunken place after he said slavery was a choice, Malcolm X wasn’t relatable and that Harriet Tubman shouldn’t be on the $20 bill. We also can’t forget he claims Donald Trump is his brother and they both share “dragon energy.” He also wore a dispicable Make America Great Again hat. See below:

Kanye has gotten love from many people on the right, but his latest is deeply disturbing. Failed Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin is on the Kanye train. She babbled in Washington, D.C. during a fundraiser for the MAGA Coalition super PAC, “I think there is nothing more attractive than to find out that a talent, a strong talent, has this pronouncement that they are an independent thinker. Regardless of where he goes with his mission now, the MAGA mission – Make America Great Again – I think we owe him some gratitude. We can show some gratitude for his boldness, kind of bucking the tide and doing what he thinks is right, and supporting our president.”

She also told the in a phone interview that Kanye is “ditching groupthink, and he just wants to deal in facts.” She added, “And Kanye now is facing the wrath of fair-weather friends. I’ve been there too.”

How is Kanye “ditching groupthink” when he agrees with tens of millions of Americans who voted for our racist president? He thinks exactly the way Paris Dennard, Diamond and Silk, Omarosa and countless others think. There is nothing innovative about thinking like everyone else, especially for someone who admitted to not voting.

Kanye has many followers on the right: NRA-loving Candace Owens, dangerous conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, the heartless Ben Carson, the deeply hateful Laura Ingraham, and of course, our racist president, Donald Trump. However, let’s see how this helps his record sales. Although Kanye is getting this so-called love, this group will never be his audience. Kanye is not Roseanne Barr.


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