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Edwin Brown has served three years behind bars for suspected drug and weapon charges. On February 5, he was scheduled to go on trial, but he was surprisingly offered a plea deal. According to The Chicago Tribune, “[Brown] pleaded guilty on Feb. 1 to possessing heroin with intent to deliver in return for prosecutors dropping a gun charge. ” Why was he offered a plea deal? U.S. District Judge Robert Gettleman said he was “troubled” that Brown, 26, had been “over-served.” In addition, racist Facebook posts were uncovered from the cop who arrested him.

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Sean Najm, one of the arresting officers,  worked in a predominantly Black area of Chicago, yet The Chicago Tribune reports, “Najm’s wife had posted ‘disturbing’ white supremacist propaganda on social media. One showed Najm wearing a leather vest with the messages, ‘I only speak English’ and ‘I’m here to f— s— up’” and there were other photos of Najm wearing a Confederate Flag patch. Najm tried to argue none of this was racist because “he wears a Confederate flag patch because he was born and raised in the South. The officer considers the flag a symbol of a rebel, not a racist, prosecutors said.”

In addition, says the newspaper, “Najm noted that he is of Lebanese descent and his wife of 18 years identifies herself as a Black Puerto Rican.” As if him being Lebanese would make it impossible for him to wrongfully or overcharge a young Black man.

Edwin Brown could have served much more jail time, but he was sentenced to 18 months and three years of court supervision.

Sean Najm is still a police officer, despite the obvious. The lesson here: birds of a racist feather flock together.


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