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The Pennsylvania golf club that called the cops on five Black women golfers on April 21 may have to change its name to the Sunken Place Holes. Newly released 911 calls revealed that a man at the Dover Township’s Grandview Golf Club in York dropped a racist insult saying that one woman had no weapons “other than her mouth,” the York Daily Record reported.

Former York County Commissioner Steve Chronister, whose son and daughter-in-law own the Grandview course, made the craziest complaint about the women not keeping the pace of play during their visit. He and other golf club staff confronted the women about their so-called playing style, but the golfers stood up for themselves. The women, including York attorney Sandra Thompson, were not going to be punished for golfing while Black.

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The women also posed no threat though Chronister tried to send a negative message about the women during the 911 call. He also tried to absolve the golf course of any guilt in the matter as well.

“She ran for judge. She’s an attorney. She knows it all,” Chronister told the dispatcher, referring to Thompson. “She totally thinks we’re being racist. We’re not being racist. We’re being golf course management that has to have play moving a certain way.”

The women publicly said that they felt discriminated against during their visit, and Chronister escalated the incident with the 911 call. If Chronister was somehow unaware that his actions were offense, then the several golfers at the course who came to the women’s defense should have alerted him that he made the wrong moves. The call clearly painted Thompson as the stereotypical angry Black woman and that’s not okay. Period.


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