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Ben Carson is currently touring the country as the secretary of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to discuss how he will dismantle every Obama era rule to ruin the lives of low-income people. The former doctor is calling  June  “Healthy Homes Month” — yeah, the same homes he hopes to raise the rent on, which would only push Americans deeper into poverty.

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His first stop was in Greensboro, North Carolina yesterday. It was there he announced the new program called Protect Our Kids, which is seriously ironic considering Carson has done the opposite at HUD. reported that in yesterday’s speech Carson talked about seeing a rat for the first time, “He was 9 years old years old and living in a Boston apartment with his mother and older brother. The thing he remembers most about that rat, he told an audience at UNC-Greensboro on Friday, was its size: ‘I thought it was a dog, those things were so big.'” Carson seems to believe this  makes him an expert on housing. After touring the Cottage Grove neighborhood on the city’s east side, he announced the Protect Our Kids program, which means “HUD offices will work harder to enforce existing rules aimed at reducing the potential for lead poisoning.”

On the surface, this program sounds good, but you never know with a Ben Carson policy — Satan is always in the details. That said, what good is the policy if Carson is actively working to dismantle social programs as it relates to fair housing? Carson has blocked Obama’s Small Area Fair Market Rent rule, which was supposed to began January 1 and would give marginalized people better access to jobs and schools. He has also said low-income people are “too comfortable” in poverty and wants to kick people out of HUD via a work requirement of 32 hours per week.

Carson is currently being sued for blocking a 2015 rule that required over “1,200 communities receiving billions of federal housing dollars to draft plans to desegregate their communities — or risk losing federal funds,” according to The Washington Post. He called the rule a “failed socialist experiment.” Areas that suffer housing segregation result in Black and brown communities receiving less funding and resources than white communities. Carson was born in 1951, he should be ashamed that he would enforce racist housing policies, which is exactly what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought against, who he claims to admire.

Carson’s Protect Our Kids program is pointless if he is destroying the homes and communities where these kids live. If Carson thinks he is an expert on poverty and housing because he saw a rat, let’s hope he takes a millisecond to remember his roots. At this point, the children needed to be protected from Ben Carson’s policies.


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