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After calling one of his players the N-word, school officials allowed a North Carolina high school football coach, who is white, to return to work without a word to the student’s parents.

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Desiree Emory, whose son was on the receiving end of the racial slur in October, decided to transfer her son from East Mecklenburg High School to another school to avoid coming in contact with the coach, WSOC-TV reported on Friday.

“I don’t want him to have to be at a school where he has to deal with a coach that has called him such a vicious and nasty word,” Emory said.

A Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools source confirmed to the news outlet that the coach used the racial slur. It happened in a fit of rage in front of the boy’s teammates during practice. School officials removed the coach right away. He was gone for about six months and suddenly returned to coaching weeks ago.

Kids are usually taught in school, from the earliest grades, to apologize for hurting others. It’s the right thing to do. But apparently this coach isn’t being held to that standard.

Neither Emory nor her son received a “formal or informal” apology from the coach or anyone else at the school before he came back to work. “There’s just never an excuse for any adult to use any type of language like that towards a child,” Emory said.

School district officials handled the matter without involving the infuriated mother. They’ve declined to discuss personnel matter with her.

“I’ve had enough,” Emory said. “You’re forced to have to see this man every day and you expect my child to be OK with it.” She’s not having it.


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