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Being a racist will not get you fired nowadays, even if you are attacking a 9-year-old.

On May 2, 9-year-old Haidyn Johnson, who is a student at an elementary school in Annapolis, Maryland, was on the school bus when he sent his parents a text saying the substitute bus driver Ross Cohen called him the n-word. Of course, Cohen denied the incident and the video camera was not working on the bus that day, which resulted in a fine for Annapolis Bus Co., so there was no video proof. As we all know, Black folks need video proof for everything and even if there is video proof, you still may not be believed.

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Schools spokesman Bob Mosier told The Baltimore Sun, “The result of the investigation was that the driver will no longer be driving a bus that transports Anne Arundel County Public Schools students.” However, The Baltimore Sun reports, the driver will be suspended from driving a bus for a year but he can return to driving a bus until after a year.

The reason for a year suspension and not being fired? Another spokesman, Doug Coupe, wrote in an email, “The board was not able to positively prove or disprove whether or not the alleged incident occurred as there were conflicting accounts by the elementary students involved.”

Haidyn Johnson’s father clearly doesn’t believe there is anything conflicting, he told The Capital, “For him to use it on my son, in that way, yes, that hurt me to my heart. ”

Seems extremely unlikely that the 9-year-old would randomly accuse an adult of calling him the n-word. Unfortunately, the school decided on not believing the child.


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