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Kanye West is continuing to lose every bit of his mind. In case you forgot, the rapper became the grand master of the sunken place after he said slavery was a choice, Malcolm X wasn’t relatable and that Harriet Tubman shouldn’t be on the $20 bill. He also claimed Donald Trump was his brother and they shared “dragon energy.”

In addition, he posted this photo below on his Twitter account:

Well, Kanye isn’t done with the foolishness. In an interview with The New York Times, West actually compared himself to a revolutionary slave who led a historic rebellion on August 21, 1831, saying, “I think that my personality and energy mirrors Nat Turner, or it had in the past, but that showed me that also that Nat Turner approach would land me in the same place Nat Turner landed, and that I would be legendary but also just a martyr. But I guess we’re all martyrs eventually, and we’re all guaranteed to die.”

Fix it, Jesus.

There isn’t one minutiae of Kanye West that is comparable to Nat Turner. A man who was born a slave and who didn’t have the privilege and access of West. A man who sacrificed his life for freedom and was hanged — his skin was even used as “souvenirs” for psychotic white people. A man who is an icon who would have despised Trump — and this version of Kanye West.

This is even more ridiculous than comparing himself to Steve Jobs and Walt Disney. Moreover, no one should compare themselves to a slave, it’s a sacred history that does not include Kanye.

Now is the time to to revisit Snoop Dogg’s white version of Yeezy.



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