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Chicago residents have united to raise awareness over the rising number of Black women and girls reported missing in the city in recent weeks. Fifteen-year-old Jadi Delgado was reported missing over the weekend, the Chicago Sun-Times reported.

Delgado, who was last seen on Friday evening around 5:30 p.m. in the city’s West Side neighborhood of Austin, had been visiting family in the area before her disappearance, according to Chicago police. As of Monday, her whereabouts were still unknown.

Meanwhile, Armoni Chambers, another teen who had gone missing, was found Wednesday after she was taken from Milwaukee to Chicago, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported. The 16-year-old had been missing for more than a month. Her mother Bonnie Bruno and Milwaukee activist Tory Lowe were led to her after getting a tip about a horrific video of her being assaulted by an unidentified man having surfaced online. Chambers had been lured to Chicago by someone online as part of human trafficking crime, Bruno said, adding “police had dropped the ball” with looking for her child. Chicago detectives and human trafficking task force members are investigating the terrible ordeal.

Bruno and Lowe had help in finding Chambers thanks to the Chicago community that helped with the search.

At least six other women had reportedly gone missing in Chicago since March. The lifeless bodies of one woman and one teen — Shantieya Smith, 26, and Sadaria Davis, 15, respectively — were discovered in June and May. The other four cases were resolved with the missing individuals having been found safe.

The deaths and missing persons cases have stirred panic and fear in the community, prompting serious concerns about the safety of Black women and girls. Aziya Roberts, a 13-year-old South Side Chicago resident, organized a #WeWalkforHer march attended last month by 150 community members to raise awareness about the missing women and girls. Roberts and community members said they want solutions to stop the terror going on in their city.


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